Hey, I’m John. My last name is in-fact Yerhot. It’s a very silly last name, but it is what it is. Feel free to make a joke about it, I really don’t mind. I’ve heard them all, trust me.

I like music and building stuff. I also do a fair amount of writing in my professional life, so it probably makes sense that I write stuff about building music stuff. I’m not here to make it seem like I’m some sort of electronics genius, but rather just show one man’s journey in messing around and trying to build stuff. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully some will be helpful to you.

If you’d like to get in touch with me you can at john @ my-last-name dot org. No, not like actually “my-last-name” but my last name. I just told you what it is and it’s in the URL of this site. I just don’t want spam.

This is my daughter. She likes music too.


All content here is the copyright of John Yerhot unless otherwise stated. I license all blog posts are Creative Commons 4.0. Any circuits or other “hardware-ish” stuff like that I may post and that I’ve created myself are CERN Open Hardware License v1.2.