The Definitive NOOB Guide to Building an Amplifier Enclosure out of Wood

Building a Rustic One™

Much like building a Pretty One™, we’ll be cutting 4 pieces though you’ll be cutting two of them slightly longer than the others. No need for angle cuts.

Using our 12″ x 12″ example metal sheet, we’ll need two cut to 12″ and, assuming 1/2 thickness, two cut to 13″. Again, I tend to add ~1-2mm wiggle room to be safe.

Like the other skirt, you’ll want to make a right angle using one longer one and one shorter one. Shorter one pressing in to the longer one. Like this.

Whoa whoa there, what about that other stuff? Ok, you can do some cool stuff here. What I like to do is using my drill, drill a pilot hole through both boards such that I’d use a screw to attach them. Then, using a slghtly bigger bit (about the size as the head of your wood screws and as wide as a dowel) drill about half way through the longer board. Don’t drill too far and not too shallow. Don’t mess it up. Then, slather wood glue where the joint is.

Take your angle clamp and clamp it together, though not all the way.. Turn it over, pound on it a bit to make sure it’s flush with your surface, and then clamp it down. Then, drill the wood screws into the pilot holes, continuing to be sure that you’re not causing anything to mis-align or not be flush. You should end up with a nice angle and your wood screws sitting about half way in to your longer board.

My favorite thing is to then take some wood dowels, fill the wholes will wood glue, and jam the dowels in like the picture. Now use a damp cloth to wipe off any wood glue that is oozing out anywhere. Get it all. Then, just let it all sit and dry for a few hours.

Now, do it all over again to create the other half. You should have two almost identical pieces that can fit together such that a 12″ x 12″ square is in the middle.

Time to do the same-ish thing where we fit it all together (shorter ends across from each other, longer across from each other). Slather the touching ends with wood glue, gently clamp one end together, make sure the bottom is flush, drill pilot holes in the longer board through to the shorter board, drill slightly larger hole half way through the board long board, and screw it together taking the same precautions to not cause mis-alignment. Shove dowels in, clean the wood glue, and let it dry. Do it again for the remaining joint.

Let it all dry over night and then cut off the ends of the dowels using a hand saw or whatever you have handy. Don’t worry about getting the cuts perfect, they’ll sand down and look great. Holy moly, you have a Rustic One™!